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IPSE publishes a newsletter approximately three times a year. It contains details of forthcoming events, reviews of IPSE meetings and other activities and exhibitions which members have found interesting.

Contributions to the newsletter are welcome.

Please use our contact form to contact the Editor.

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Further Reading

No 97 - December 2020

Commissioned work by Steve Ellis (pdf, 13.3MB)

No 94 - September 2019

Commissioned work by Nancye Gault (pdf, 750kB)

No 93 - September 2019

Commissioned work by Richard Draper (pdf, 719kB)

No 92 - April 2019

Commissioned work by Jake Williams (pdf, 451kB)

No 91 - December 2018

Commissioned work by Ted Rook (pdf, 2.7MB)

No 90 - September 2018

Commissioned work by Virginia Khuri (pdf, 213kB)

Supplement: Articles on Image and Text (pdf, 528kB)

No 89 - May 2018

Commissioned work by Michael McAlister (pdf, 378kB)

No 88 - Dec 2017

Commissioned work by Lyndon Baker (pdf, 351kB)

No 86 - May 2017

Commissioned work by Jaqueline Harford (pdf, 854kB)

No 85 - Dec 2016

Commissioned work by George Redgrave (pdf, 421kB)

No 84 - June 2016

Commissioned work by Alan Mynett (pdf, 1.5MB)

No 81 - July 2015

Commissioned work by Carol Hudson (pdf, 128kB)

No 77 - November 2014

Commissioned work by Chris Morris (pdf, 131mB)

No 76 - March 2014

Photographic Essay by Jeff Hutchinson (pdf, 414mB)

No 71 - August 2012

Extended version of 'A Bit on Jill' (pdf, 66kB)

No 62 - October 2009

The Brilliance of Photography - RPS - by Lesley Parkinson (pdf, 12kB)

No 61 - May 2009

Memories of Peter Goldfield (pdf, 9kB)

No 58 - April 2008

Anna Fox - review by Mike Shanahan (pdf, 143kB)
Michael Newgass: reading list (pdf, 24kB)
Tim Morris: reading list (pdf, 27kB)