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Tim West

Jubilee London

These images were all shot on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday on the 5th of June 2012. My family and I joined the massive, but very jolly, Union Flag-waving crowd as we waited for the Queen to pass by. As she drove from the thanksgiving service at St Paul's Cathedral to Westminster Hall and on to a balcony appearance at Buckingham Palace. The Union Flag seemed ever present that day wherever you looked.

As she drove past, we saw her for exactly 2.2 seconds but I did feel very special to see her on that particular day. I hope the pictures give a feeling of that once in a life time day. Not from some privileged viewpoint but by the man in the crowded street.

My photography tries to show just what I see in the world around me. They are the things, the details, that interest me. A diary in pictures. The camera records what I see and remembers what I will forget as time passes. The act of taking the picture gives me a reason to look more closely. A different, more concentrated, view of the world as it moves past in that little glass window of the camera.