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John Holloway

Marks of Man

For a number of years I have been photographing chalk downland locations in southern England, often from the air. In these I have been interested in the traces of man's activities in the form of tracks and pathways, fences and furrows, as well as archaeological remains and ancient hill figures cut into the undulating and interlocking forms of the Downs.

More recently I have been looking at the world below from a lower vantage point but the traces of man's activities, whether conscious or unconscious, are still a source of interest. In the landscape work, form and texture are important and are best revealed in black and white but in the urban environment colour can be a powerful signifier as well as being of aesthetic interest. The gestural marks and colours in these photographs are also reminiscent of some twentieth century painting. Having trained as a painter I tend to see the world through the eyes of certain artists.