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Jeff Hutchinson

The images were taken at Wimbledon 2013 but I didn't wait five hours in a queue for the tennis - it's the dynamics of space time that emanate from this sporting activity that interest me and how we consider photographs, which are discrete elements, plucked from a continuity.

I am also driven by the 'Blind Field', that space time element beyond the photographic frame - I want to take the viewer outside my photograph hence the reason for including part of contiguous frames and for using analogue photography - digital photography has lost this link. Some event has happened between each frame and the viewer must accommodate this in their viewing of the work. I am not interested in video because the medium removes this thought process from the viewing experience and hence the dynamical inter-relationship between photographer, image and viewer.

As John Berger states, "An instant photographed can only acquire meaning insofar as the viewer can read into it a duration extending beyond itself. When we find a photograph meaningful, we are lending it a past and a future."