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Tim Morris

Sculpture Garden (Video)

This short video was the result of a request by Mick Williamson for IPSE members to consider sound and image for presentation and discussion at his workshop in March 2022.

So, I found some some archive material from 2010 taken at the Hannah Peschar sculpture garden and came up with a sequence of images. I then thought about the duration of the video and how long each image would appear for. I settled on 20 seconds with 16 images given a length of just over 5 minutes and put the images into iMovie where you can adjust the sequence and durations. I then started to think about choice of music and despite having quite a large collection of recordings I couldn't decide on anything. This lead me to make my own music which I recorded using Apple's Garageband which I was familiar with. My intention was to have some eerie sounds at the start which would then resolve. The instrument used was a Taylor 12 string guitar recorded directly into the computer. Once the recording was done I faded the ending and them imported it into iMovie.

I see this very much as an experiment which could lead to other things and I'm grateful to Mick for prompting me to have a go.