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Sue Fallon


I have always been interested in the possibilities of capturing the essence and character of artists at work and their art work. I was encouraged further by an IPSE workshop with Nicholas Sinclair, who showed us images from his book 'Portraits of Artists'. It's a challenge to convey the 'presence' of a painting or sculpture through photography without simply feeling you are documenting it. By framing or selecting details I do think it's possible to create an individual response, to communicate some of the artist's vision and one's reaction to it.

Artists' Studio

This series is of the studio of professional artist friends, Jane and her late husband Tony. It's a wonderful space full of their work and artefacts that have inspired them. Jane has chosen to leave her husband's end of the studio as he left it, with the half finished canvas on his easel. The residue of his creative energy was very poignant.


I love the quirky corners of the old farmhouse, the way the light pours in through a small pane of glass above what was the water cistern. On the other side is an old charcoal burning grill cut into the stone. I initially photographed the drawers as a record of the contents - but I liked the way the images turned into some sort of Kurt Schwitters Boxes.