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Lyndon Baker

Different Perspectives

Workshop - March 9th. A day with Zelda Cheatle

I had originally planned to go to this workshop. In preparation for Zelda's set project I had devised several slide shows using PowerPoint (!) to share some of the work I had done during January and February of this year. But, it was later that I found I could not attend. There being alternative 'affairs of state' that needed to be worked at.

So waste not want not! After culling some of the slides I thought I could share with members part of my original intentions via our website.

This year I have been preoccupied photographically with two things - taking and editing images with the iPhone and exploring the options to 'transform' them yet further in Photoscape. Six of the eight images are directly concerned with preparation work for a joint project I am doing with a Polish colleague, entitled (for now) 'Differing Perspectives. Images 7 and 8 are about what happened while 'fooling around', waiting for a visitor.