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David Gurr


I'm one of those photographers whose work has to fit into all the other things in my life that I do, like earning a living, travelling, sports and keeping up with friends and fanily. As a result, my enthusiasm and energy for photography waxes and wanes, along with my image making. Like many other photographers, I started taking holiday snaps, and then attended courses at The Photographers Place and Duckspool. My black and white work progressed as a result.

When IPSE started up, I joined, and my enthusiasm for photography grew. Each time I attend a weekend or day course at IPSE, I manage to produce some work, and then other things intervene. I have been seduced by digital imagery, but still hanker for the old black and white prints, using Record Rapid. As a result, I am wavering - in the end, image-making for me is the important thing, everything else is a means to an end. My interests are generally people and travel photography, combining both with people in the landscape.