Forthcoming Events

Information about events will appear here once finalised.

Thursday meetings.

A Week-end with Gerry Badger at Micklepage

Gerry Badger writes about photography. He is also an architect and photographer.

He is a sincere and lucid writer, free of needless jargon and political rhetoric and leaves the reader in a more thoughtful place. He makes the reader realise just how powerful photography is as a medium. He is not stuck in any 'school of thought' and can appreciate both the formalist and contextual schools of criticism.

His book, "The Pleasures of Good Photographs" gives the reader an insight into the passion he has for good photography. The three volumes he did with Martin Parr; The Photobook: A History, is a must for any photographer interested in photobooks. The books show the breadth of his writing and how much he values the photobook as a vehicle for photography. He positions the photobook as in between the novel and the film.

Gerry has encountered many famous photographers: he has much to share with IPSE.

Gerry has set us an assignment - "Telling a Story in Photographs - Shooting, Editing, and Sequencing a Group of Photographs." The aim is to produce 15 to 25 edited pictures that tell a story, choosing from the following - the Landscape, the Street, the Garden or the Home. To be interpreted in any way you desire, in any style you choose.

Option to arrive Friday evening.

A Day with Jennifer Reeves at Bolney Chapel

Jennifer works for the V & A. She curates the photobooks collection at the National Art Library and also is involved in looking after the Royal Photographic Society Library since the transfer of the RPS collections to the V&A.

She will cover 3 topics:

1. The history of collecting photographic books at the V&A, from the 1850s to the 1930s, discussing examples of different movements and technological innovations that are present in the NAL collection.

2. The development of contemporary photobooks 1950-2019, again with examples of material available in the collection.

3. A roundup of a selection of the major photobook shows this year (Offprint/Arles/Aarhus Photobook Week/New York Art Book Fair etc) and/or a short introduction to the RPS library.

With regards the afternoon session; As a Librarian she is particularly interested in photobooks that intersect with the book form, whether that be through layout (to control pace and create juxtapositions), binding (to physically guide or affect the viewer's experience of the images), paper types (to highlight changes in theme), or ink (to create visual metaphors) so she has set an optional topic of: Photo-Books, the interaction of image and form.

Don't forget your packed lunch!