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A history of IPSE

IPSE was founded in 1991 by Jill Staples.

Jill had attended many workshops at Paul Hill's Photographers' Place in Derbyshire. Then, during a Fay Godwin workshop she discovered that several of the participants lived close to her in Sussex. She decided to form a group of like-minded photographers who lived in the South-East of England. IPSE was the result.

What IPSE does

IPSE is an informal support group for independently-minded photographers. It seeks to help members to break out of the 'me-too' competitive mentality of the Camera Club and the popular photographic press. IPSE encourages the development of an independent vision and practice unfettered by arbitrary rules.

IPSE acts as a support group for its members, providing talks, residential weekends, evening meetings and periodic exhibitions - all within an atmosphere of encouragement and non-competitiveness. Since it began, among the many speakers, IPSE has heard Paul Hill, John Blakemore, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Eamonn McCabe, Grace Robertson, Mari Mahr, Joy Gregory, Ori Gersht, Steve Pyke, Nicholas Sinclair and Hamish Fulton. Workshops have ranged from classic silver-based photography, through pinhole photography, alternative processes and bookmaking to the uses of digital photography.