Forthcoming Events

Thursday meetings.

A day about Curiosity with Tracey McEachran in Bolney Chapel.

It probably goes without saying that IPSE members exhibit a high degree of curiosity concerning the subjects that they chose to photograph and the way in which they decide to present their final images. As exemplified from the pictures shared at our workshops, exhibitions and the Newsletter we share an investigative and probing mindset.

This November we will have an opportunity to take further guidance from Tracey McEachran upon how to develop this particular aspect of our curious sensibilities.

Tracey has asked us to consider the question about "What is making us Curious?" As to whether our responses will be based upon the stimuli that makes us curious about something, or our curiosities as individuals will be up to us to decide.

In preparation - find something that you are curious about and then go and explore the subject making photographs that pose more questions or unexpected interpretations about your preliminary understanding of that which has attracted your attention. Bring these photos along to the meeting