Forthcoming Events

Thursday meetings.

A day with Liz Hingley at the Bolney Chapel

In 2012, telling you about a forthcoming workshop, I wrote - It’s not often that an IPSE member achieves international fame, but Liz Hingley is that exception! After graduating from Brighton University in 2007, she joined IPSE and came to several of our events, before moving to Birmingham. Since then she has gone from strength to strength, culminating in winning the Prix Virginia Award and exhibition in Paris this November.

I went to her degree show and was very impressed with her work, which showed a truly caring individual approach with an excellent photographic eye. She was working with the communities of Emmaus, at that time the one in Portslade, but later in other countries. Since then she has had several residencies and many exhibitions. She is currently artist in residence at The Migration Research Unit based in University College London and an honorary research fellow of the University of Birmingham.

Liz has been working in Shanghai for the last four years. The work has culminated in three books; Shanghai: End of Lines (Be-Poles 2013), Shanghai Sacred (Washington University Press 2018) and Home Made in Smethwick (Multistory). She will tell us about this work and give a taste of what’s to come.

Liz has given us a project for the workshop:

Respond in an imaginative way to the concept “View from my window.”

Don’t forget your packed lunch!

A day at Bolney Chapel.

To be arranged

Saturday 9 March, 2019